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       Xiamen Weiyu Ecological Agriculture Co.,Ltd.  is a whole industry chain enterprise with fresh fruit and agricultural cultivation. Our company takes Taiwan high quality fruit and corn varieties as the main line, and builds a national multi-dimensional planting base of about 10000 mu, creating a professional planting system of fruit and corn mainland. Meanwhile, we introduce high-quality fruit products from Taiwan to serve the whole country, and set up a specialized fruit supply chain system. Xiamen jade micro ecological agriculture Limited company "healthy, green and safe concept, with professional attitude and professional spirit, open up the green plant - wide network of sales and distribution in the whole supply chain, direct supply, the operating principle of good faith, to become fresh field of safe food material suppliers. Don't forget the heart, with the agricultural food safety concerns, we have been committed to food safety in the development of the company's first global health, provide quality products for consumers.
Brand: Micro jade
Moral: persistent pursuit, professional and meticulous, but also the "only" homophonic.
Slogan: different fruit corn
Values: only the ecological health products, the first heart never changes
Vision: let everyone eat good corn
Mission: to improve the status of food safety in China

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The agricultural dream of an ex serviceman
[one person]
About you, do you choose or go?
Ten years ago
A monthly income of 5000 yuan
What reason will you give up?
He said
Military uniform is a yearning
From henceforth entering the barracks to receive a one month allowance of 120 yuan
Is responsible for the play
8 years later
To enter the party, set up the work and take the soldiers
How would you choose to change?
He said
I think I need to go back
Use the land to realize its own value
I come from here, and I'll go back to this land
He had just retired home, do not have feet to rest together to help his father to sell in the process of selling tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, he found that not only do not sell all kinds of vegetables, now rural contracted farmland planting, because the breed is too concentrated, low value-added products, resulting in a year selling food prices have been very pressure low, farmers tend to lose money.
The habits of the army let him make a survey of everything. In the process of selling tomatoes, he found that a single melon and fruit vegetables had been unable to meet the diversity of people's needs. Do single farmers is the market will be flooded, the idea and a did not like before, to try to change it.
He ran all over the country to investigate all the vegetable wholesale markets... Just six months, he traveled more than half of Chinese in 20 provinces in China, participated in the 18 agricultural fair, run 8 large fruit and vegetable wholesale market.
You never know the next meeting.
What kind of surprise will you bring?
About fruit and corn
An agricultural fair held in Xiamen on the west coast, he saw the display of a showcase from Taiwan to bring products to the products, fruit corn before him in other places have seen many, but see this coming from the Taiwan new varieties of fruit corn but he stopped. Originally, this kind of fruit and corn, from the appearance, the taste, the water, the sweetness, and so on, is better than the same product on the market. The color, which is closer to the concept of fruit than the same product, is pearl, not as yellow as other fruit and corn. The important thing is that, compared with other fruit and corn, the fruit corn, which is sold on the traditional market, is generally thicker and can be eaten raw. But there is a big gap between the taste and the sweetness of Taiwan varieties, and the comparison with the common fruit and corn is obvious. The most important thing is that the variety is non - GM hybrid fruit corn, and by contrast, he realizes that such a pluralistic existence is in line with the needs.
[micro jade]
Weng chin is a young man who says to be dry and dare to innovate. At the beginning of 2014, he found two like-minded partners Zheng Yingzi and Huang Xu, three people registered in Xiamen Xiamen fruit good agricultural products Co. Ltd., as the company name implies that it is with the future of agricultural food safety concerns, said a little just to put food safety "youguoyoumin, converted to excellent fruit and people", this is their worries about future agriculture, also expressed the determination of start-up. The company has, they did not forget the early heart of excellence, gradually focus on the development of fruit corn, combined with the transformation of the establishment of the Xiamen jade registered brand micro ecological agriculture Limited company, determined to become a full China same category in the well-known trademark and the leading enterprise, their vision is to let everyone can eat delicious corn.


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